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This past weekend was the annual Timberfest in Doniphan.  This is the second year that they have held it; it’s a competition weekend for local loggers from Southeast Missouri area.  The winner can attend the national timberfest competition.  Some of the things these guys did was awesome…they would race to the top of a pole then free fall down.  Then the log roll in water, not to mention the ax throw toward a bulls-eye.  It was a very interesting set up, they also had an old logging camp with information from local families that have been in the logging industry.

Our College/Career group did a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, we worked a food booth and split the proceeds 50/50.  I worked Thursday morning and all day Saturday.  It was a lot of fun and there were people EVERYWHERE.  There was a very good turn out, and we ended up making some good money for only three day of work.

I’m working this week…woot!!  I went to work with the company that my brother currently works for.  So I’m getting some income to come in (which is a good thing).

Until later…ERM

Moving Grandma

This last weekend we started the process of moving my great-grandma (who is 92 yrs old) into an assisted living facility.  When I say ‘started’ what I actually mean is we went through about 12 large shelves of books that range anywhere from the early 1900’s to today.   It took four of us six hours to bring the books into the living area, let Grandma decide if it would be put in the stuff for a yard sale or if it was going to stay with her.  She is only going to be allowed one book shelf at her new location.  It was a sad process really, watching her make a decision on whether or not a book that at one time was lovingly purchased (I think) would get to stay or be sent away.  The reason for the ‘I think’ in that sentence is because we came across a LARGE amount of books on how to be ‘thin’, how to eat right, how to beat cholesterol, home remedies, and several other ‘self-help’ type books.  These are not the type of books that one purchases to pass from generation to generation…though Grandma did try to pass them to one member of the team of cleaners, who asked the question of ‘why her’.  The books haven’t been moved in about fifteen years I think, the dust from flipping through all the books to make sure there were no hidden treasures kept all of us sneezing.  It was a very interesting day.  Now we have to attack the rest of the house, decide on who gets what (or who wants what) and what will be sold.  We have 92 years of ‘stuff’ to go through.  Some of the stuff we found was really cool, family history stuff.  It’s going to be an interesting endeavor to get her moved…and though it’s kinda sad, it’s time that Grandma had someone there to help her.

Missouri Tour

I got to see part of history take place in Missouri yesterday (Thursday, Sept 13).  I went on a day trip to Branson, MO, to watch the Speed Trial of the Tour of Missouri.  It was awesome.  I’ve watched some of the Tour de France (on TV of course), but to see some of these guys that are the best in their sport compete, it was great.  The winner of the Tour de France was competing (Alberto Contador Velasco), he rode for Discovery Team.  There were about nine others that had competed in Tour de France that were also riding in the Tour of Missouri.  I was in a spot on the 18 mile loop they did that allowed for a bout a mile view-ability of the bikers, and I got to see them twice (they doubled back on this stretch).  The first view was of them speeding by going down hill, then they would turn around and come back and have to climb the hill they just went down.  I recently just started riding a bike, and I climb little hills around town, I totally respected the ones that could just zip right up the hill like it was nothing.  It was a great day, the weather was awesome, got to meet some really cool people, and got to see some amazing athletes.

Here’s some photos I took while there, I know who a couple of them are…but since I’m not an avid cyclist person I really don’t have a clue.  But there some cool pics of the bikers.  (Photos)

Broken arms, puke, and school

On Wednesday, Sep. 12, I received a call around 9:00 asking if I could come watch the kids while Tara took Peyt to the hospital, because she had possibly borken her arm.  I threw some clothes on, quickly brushed my teeth, and headed out the door.  When I arrived at the house, Peyt and Tara quickly left to head to the hospital which left me with the four other kids.  I was trying to straighten the kitchen up from breakfast food when I hear Sime coughing, I thought they were just playing until from the frontroom I hear the dreaded words…’Sime just threw up’.  So I went in to view the damage, not much just some chocolate milk remenants.  So I take Sime into the bathroom…half way down the hall he goes at it again. I put my hand over his mouth trying to stem the flow and get him over the toilet where he finishes and I dump my hand.  By this time we have a some piles in the frontroom, hall, and the bathroom floor.  It’s on my foot and down Sime’s leg.  I start heaving a little from the smell of it all, and the only thing Sime can say is ‘my leg’.  Wanting me to get him cleaned up.  I quickly said a prayer, ‘Dear Jesus, you have got to help me here’.  He came through, I either stopped breathing or the smell mechanism was shut off in my nose. I was able to get the floor, and myself and Sime cleaned up and back to our regular scheduled program.

We then played in the playhouse for awhile and then I had to get lunch done for the four of them and two of the ready for school (they only go 1/2 day).  I didn’t realize how crazy it can be when you have two that want to go to school but don’t want to get ready for school so they dwadle over lunch and everything else.  I mispalced Kirst’s clothes, had to get them all to brush their teeth (of course since the two older ones were doing it then the younger ones had to).  Not to mention to make sure that I had the ‘boy’ stuff for the boys and ‘girl’ stuff for the girls…forbide that we would have to use a princess cup or toothpaste.

It was a very interesting day. I did get the kids to school on time, and everything worked out with the younger ones.  Peyt did break her arm and she will have to go in to get it casted.

The Reality of the Realtor

Today could end up being one of the saddest days so far in my life…I listed my house with a realtor.  I love my house.  I helped build it – from the ground up.  I got to decorate it and paint it how I wanted.  It’s home.  But there comes a time in a persons life when we have to let go of some things in order to accomplish others.  What does this mean?  That for at least the next six months (Lord willing a lot shorter) I will have to keep my house in tip-top shape (clean, with everything put away) because at any given moment someone could come take a look at the place.  Lucky for me I live alone and do not spend much time here…well as of late I’ve been here more than ever, but normally I’m not home much.  And if someone likes what they see, and is willing to pay me what I would like…then I will no longer be a home owner.

Today I got up and started cleaning the place, I still have to get my office in order and the upstairs bathroom cleaned before next Tuesday, not to mention my kitchen table uncovered and everything put away and the lawn mowed (yes, I can actually mow the lawn and not weedeat it).  Tuesday is ‘The Day’ when my realtor will be bringing everyone by to see the place to get acquainted with it.  WOOT.

Other than signing the paperwork that will eventually lead me to being homeless, today was a good day.  It has drastically cooled down since we had rain last week, and the weather was AWESOME.  Now I just need to get all my stuff in order so I can see if I will be accepted into a program here at TRCC to complete some schooling.

Need to run…have things that need to get done.


Birthdays, Rain, and Bows

This past Saturday we celebrated the 75th birthday for my Grandpa Mac.  We all got together out at his church with family and his church group for a pot luck dinner and cake.  There’s nothing like a good pot luck, once everyone gets there and it’s time to eat the food is always lukewarm.  But the food was good and it was a great time of fellowship.

Rain.  It finally came.  We have went without rain for about two months (literally).  Everything was bone dry and the yard crackled when you would walk across it.  There is one yard in town that had plush grass, they had laid sod and had been watering it.  During our Labor Day Parade everyone was vying for that front yard…it was something soft to sit on.  But it finally started raining (last Wednesday I think…maybe Tuesday), and we all rejoiced.  I think I heard my grass singing the hallelujah coarse.  Even with just a little rain things are starting to look a little green again.

I went out Sunday and started sighting in a bow for bow season (which opens this Saturday).  It’s amazing how much of a girl I am. :)  My dad and Nathan got a good laugh out of me trying to break a compound bow (that was set on about 60 lbs) down in order to shoot it.  They finally got the bow so I could pull it back, but I had to go through some contortions to completely get it broke down in order to shoot it.  I got a strawberry on my arm where I didn’t have perfect form and the bow string popped the inside of my arm.  It could have been a lot worse…I came out of it with a small spot instead of the whole inside of the arm being smacked.  We had a lot of fun, I finally hit the bulls-eye on the target, though I’m shooting low.  It takes a lot to get this stuff ready.  But I’m excited about it starting back up again.

That about covers it for now.  I’m off to get a shower…I just finished riding a bike for about 35 minutes…i rode about 4 1/2 miles around town (which means up and down hills).  I’m getting better at this.

Until later…



Ah…to sit in front of the computer and type again, and make is so everyone knows how things are going. It’s amazing how lost you feel when you cannot do the ‘norm’ when something exciting happens in your life (and a lot has happened in mine)…which is to blog. Well, I’m back into the cyber world.

Where have I been. Well it’s a long story, and it feels like it took place FOREVER ago but in reality it’s only been about two and a-half weeks. It all started when I was sent home from work because there was some stuff going on that they thought me or another guy had leaked to our competition. As any other event in my life…I blogged about it (which it has since been edited from it’s original version). Well, when the truth came out (which is what me and the other guy had stated from the get-go…we hadn’t told); I went back in for a sit-down and basically I was told that I couldn’t be trusted to keep information (stuff I wouldn’t know because I didn’t sit in meetings where it was discussed) from the competition. So I had to decide if I was going to work for Corp or not. Well in the middle of my ‘decision’ week, my blog about the ‘event’ was found and I was let go.

Why have I been removed from cyber-world? Well considering the fact that I blogged about Corp and the ‘event’ in my life that had just happened there; my blog was taken off the hosting server (which belonged to Corp), and the DNS was released to me this week. Hence the reason why I’m blogging now.

What have I been doing? Well, I’ve been living the life of the unemployed. It’s a bit crazy and I think I’m going to go insane soon…but things are good. I’m now in the ‘early 70’s’ in my weight loss endeavors, I’ve talked to about every Tom-Dick-and Harry about a job, and went to more interviews than I care to count. I’ve never had to do this process before, and it’s very amazing. I’ve done a lot of stuff on my yard, and been available to help “T” out with the kids and stuff. Now I just have to decide what I’m going to do when I grow up. :)

Well, I know I’ve been gone for awhile…but I will cut this off now and catch up more later. It’s time for me to go to sleep.