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Things that come at you…

**This post has been edited from it’s original version** 

This week has been very interesting for me. This is going to be me venting some frustration. I am not a perfect person, but if I give you my word I stand by that. I make mistakes and I do things and have an attitude sometimes that would make people think I am next in line for the Wicked Witch of the West title (I’m sure others would have a word or two to describe me). I’m sorry if someone that is reading this has ever felt the brunt of my ‘attitude’…as I said previously, I am not perfect. Sometimes when you are faced with a situation day-in and day-out, it gets the best of you and you have trouble functioning past it. I was told recently to rise above my situation, and to realize that my joy comes from something other than my job…that person was correct, my joy does come from outside of my job; but sometimes the situation a person has to rise above can drag one down and make them very tired. I never thought I would be faced with some of the decisions I have had to make this week, but I am learning to trust the Source of my Joy and I know that He will help me through whatever comes.

Until later…

Day off today

**This post has been edited from it’s original version**

Well, I’m sitting at home today getting ready to go out and play in my flower bed and re-pot some plants. I got sent home from work yesterday at 3:00. They think they have a ‘leak’ in the company that’s telling all our secretes to people…so me and another guy were sent home until the truth if found out. We both told the truth, ‘that we did not tell anyone anything’, but apparently our word is not good enough. I was a little frustrated at first, because I was asked pointedly not to tell and I gave my word…and I didn’t. Yet I wasn’t believed when asked if I had told. So until the truth comes out of what ‘really’ happened, I get some time off. Today is also payday, and I am the one that does the payroll checks…hopefully that all gets worked out.

I know the truth of what has happened, and I know that I didn’t say anything. We’ll see what happens on Thursday and if everyone will have enough trust in the employees that have been there forever and depend on the company for a paycheck, or if they will believe a salesman that came to make a sales pitch to make some money. Because that’s what it’s all about right…making a buck?

North Carolina and the Beach

Last week I went out to NC for a few days, our church organization was having their Youth Congress and I went out to it. It was a forever drive, though we made it out there in about twelve hours. Nick ended up with a speeding ticket from Shelby…what a souvenir. The services were great and we spent some time with the young people that went from our church. Saturday we went down to Charleston, SC, to go to the beach and a plantation house. We didn’t make it to the plantation house, because Nick enjoyed driving over a bridge so much that we did that about three times instead. We had some AWESOME food. The ride home took about fifteen hours, from SC, and we drove through the night. My feet were so swollen by the time we got to Doniphan I thought I was going to cry…they physically hurt. But we all went home and propped our feet up and took a long nap before church and I felt normal again. We went to a really neat aquarium, they had some cool fish. It was a great weekend away, and I really enjoyed myself.


Last night was the ‘Crash-up-Derby’ at our County Fair (they have it every year)…last night was very good. Sometimes you get there and it almost feels like the drivers have a ‘ho-hum’ attitude and there’s not very good ‘crashing’ going on. Last night rocked!! By the time it was over what was once a station wagon looked like a kids accordion, it had been sandwiched (front/back) by two other cars. Not to mention the yellow car that had to chain the trunk (yes I said TRUNK, not just bumper) onto the car so it could come back out for another go. In the last heat they had one guy that busted his radiator during the first five minutes, so he was spewing steam, water, and antifreeze (which added a new aroma to the air…we already had the livestock smell going on). But he lasted through the whole thing, until he rammed into the back end of another car and totally caved the rest of the front in; and caused that guy to get stuck and backfire into his calibrator (maybe?) and caught the car on fire. The ‘Derby Officials’ (the important people in the bright yellow shirts) came running with a fire extinguisher and put the car out. They were busting out of the ring and moving giant tractor tires out of the way, making it so the officials had to continue to fix or rearrange the ring…it was awesome.

There was a large group of us there from my church. Of course with the size of my church, and with the number of kids all the young married couples have had, you really only have to have about five couples show up and you feel like it’s a ‘huge’ group. In our group alone there were thirty-four people sitting in lawn chairs or standing behind us. Then I know there were at least ten more floating around (that were apparently to good for us, because they didn’t sit by us – their loss). The poor souls that saw an empty spot and put a chair down and ended up getting mixed in the middle of us. I’m sure they had fun though. (grin)

It is a little disconcerting though, to sit and look at all our little girls and watch them scream and holler for a car…hoping that it does massive damage to the other one. You know you live in the country when…(hehe). We had a really good time, and it was a great cap to a good week.