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The 70’s

The 70’s was a great era…that’s when I was born. The late 70’s but the 70’s none-the-less. They have/had good music, questionable clothes (that are coming back in), and ME (my brother too, but who’s keeping track). Anyway, the joy I’m finding in the 70’s recently is that my scale now registers that lovely number. Sad to say, I went on a binge of McDonald’s for breakfast everyday, a 2 lb bag of peanut M&M’s every chance I got (all of them), and no exercise. Therefore I was close to rolley-polley-olley. My clothes were getting uncomfortable, luckily I had purchased some elastic waist…they kinda grow with you, so I kicked myself in the butt and said ‘NO MORE’. I’ve been walking about 3 miles a night (sometimes 5); watching what I eat, and trying to get back down to what I was once. I also turned 30…so some say my metabolism has slown down…I don’t accept that. My body frame carries the weight really well, which I am blessed to have my height. I’ve lost about six lbs now, and I’m happy. I’m going to try and lose another 20…I’ll keep you posted. I’m just happy to see the 70’s back. :)

Until later…ERM

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