Changes happen throughout life, and they are good or they can be bad. There are some changes that were put into effect yesterday that I’ve known about for two weeks prior, that I can just now talk about. My boss put his two week notice in and he’s taking my brother and a router guy with him to his new company. It’s going to be CRAZY here for awhile. When the phone call came through yesterday, my stomach dropped and I became very nervous because I knew what was about to take place in the meeting that was going to happen within the next few minutes in my bosses office. Change is good. And this is a good change for Boss and “R”, and it may have adverse affects on the Corp, but it’s an opportunity that Boss could not pass up for himself .


  1. Yeah, I am soooo excited about the coming week(s). I just found out about it all a couple days ago, I can’t imagine what must have been going through your head the last couple of weeks…

    I’m happy for the guys, they are work toward their future and doing what they feel is right for them, I’m just sad to see all of them go, though. Even though they aren’t going to be far away, it’s going to be really weird not having them in the company.

    I was especially floored by Eric leaving, because that leaves a pretty doggone big gap in the staff. I am curious as to what BB is going to do. Makes me wonder how much stuff is going to get shuffled to you, or if he is going to come back and take over day to day operations.

    I’m sure you are going to be much more affected than any of us underlings, so let me know if ya need any help with anything. :)

    It’s certainly going to be an interesting day.

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