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The 70’s

The 70’s was a great era…that’s when I was born. The late 70’s but the 70’s none-the-less. They have/had good music, questionable clothes (that are coming back in), and ME (my brother too, but who’s keeping track). Anyway, the joy I’m finding in the 70’s recently is that my scale now registers that lovely number. Sad to say, I went on a binge of McDonald’s for breakfast everyday, a 2 lb bag of peanut M&M’s every chance I got (all of them), and no exercise. Therefore I was close to rolley-polley-olley. My clothes were getting uncomfortable, luckily I had purchased some elastic waist…they kinda grow with you, so I kicked myself in the butt and said ‘NO MORE’. I’ve been walking about 3 miles a night (sometimes 5); watching what I eat, and trying to get back down to what I was once. I also turned 30…so some say my metabolism has slown down…I don’t accept that. My body frame carries the weight really well, which I am blessed to have my height. I’ve lost about six lbs now, and I’m happy. I’m going to try and lose another 20…I’ll keep you posted. I’m just happy to see the 70’s back. :)

Until later…ERM

This was for free…now back to your regular scheduled programs.

Life…in general

I know…it’s been awhile. Things have been a little crazy around my world lately. I’m trying to stay afloat and make it through all the changes. Last Friday was my brother and ex-bosses last day as The Corp employees. It’s a little weird not having them here anymore, but we’re making it. What makes it even weirder is when I go pick him up at his new location…they are our competition. It’s a little crazy. 

Last Friday we took greyhound buses to attend a church service for Family Camp. Rev. Rex Johnson did a tremendous job. It was great getting to see some friends that I haven’t had the opportunity to see in awhile. We had a lot of fun on the buses too…two downfalls: the air was beyond freezing and our bus driver would not let us off to get something to eat. A bit crazy, but we survived.

Mel Brooks. I’ve been doing a Mel Brooks movie night for the past couple of weeks with some friends from church. It’s been great. The movies are hilarious. It’s a great relaxing tool.

Other than all that…not much happening. My dad is getting the dental molding (some fancy decorative work for the outside of my house) put up. Along with getting me a closet in my room…which is going to be amazing. I’ve lived there for three years, and I am finally getting a closet rack in my downstairs closet. WOOT!!!

Until Later,


Changes happen throughout life, and they are good or they can be bad. There are some changes that were put into effect yesterday that I’ve known about for two weeks prior, that I can just now talk about. My boss put his two week notice in and he’s taking my brother and a router guy with him to his new company. It’s going to be CRAZY here for awhile. When the phone call came through yesterday, my stomach dropped and I became very nervous because I knew what was about to take place in the meeting that was going to happen within the next few minutes in my bosses office. Change is good. And this is a good change for Boss and “R”, and it may have adverse affects on the Corp, but it’s an opportunity that Boss could not pass up for himself .