Who you know…

I’ve always heard, and even used, the old adage ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Coming from a small town that comes into play a lot because the ‘Good ol’ Boys’ like to take care of their own (sometimes that’s a bad thing when the law enforcement is involved); but for the most part it can be a very good thing. For instance…yesterday.

I have now lived in my house for about three years (I moved in August 04). The yard has been in different stages of landscaping, and I’ve had to weed eat the entire yard due to all the rocks (I lived in Fred Flintstones rock quarry). We were trying to get a group from PB to come level off the yard and place topsoil down (which we had)…and it was a never ending – ‘yeah I’ll be there’. Well they never came. Yesterday, my dad finally had some free time and a guy that I grew up with (who does cement work) was free and my dad asked to if he could help him do my yard. He said yes and went to work. They were there for about two hours, cleaning up some brush, and rocks, and leveling off the yard. When my dad tried to pay him, he wouldn’t take any money. If the original people would have done it I was looking at around $1000, with Sanders Concrete doing it it cost me nothing. I was very blessed!! God worked it out for me and now my yard is so very close to being done. WOOT!!!

I was oh so very excited!!

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