Weekend Away — WOOT!!

This past weekend I went to STL to get away for awhile…it was awesome. I had reasons of going, a friend of mine had a motorcycle wreck Memorial Day weekend and I had the purpose of going to see him in the hospital. Not to mention getting to see my Aunt and just relaxing away from everyone and everything. It was a great weekend, I had a good time. I went to church Saturday night with my aunt and Sam. Their church is doing a contemporary service on Saturday’s…it was a cool set up. Then we hit California Pizza Kitchen for dinner before I headed back to the the hospital and they headed off to see a movie. Saturday day, I drove over to Columbia to see Hilary Scott in concert at Art In the Park. It was great getting to see her again, and the whole art thing was interesting (there were some really good items there). One thing that scared me though was ‘plus size’ tie-died jumper dresses made out of t-shirt material. Some things are just not made to be!

Brian…my friend I went to see. This is him looking ‘good’. The picture that was sitting on his hospital table looked worse than this. I’m not good at hospitals, I could only stay for a few hours each visit…the smell and the fact that it’s a hospital got to me quick.

Sunday I slept in (till 9:00) and then relaxed around the house. Ended up heading home around twelve, but then I shopped my way home. I went to two, count that TWO, Old Navy stores looking for white flip flops…they didn’t have my size. Then I went to South County Mall…Penny’s had a HUGE sale going on. Then I stopped by one of my new favorite stores and bought some stuff, then it was next door to the Children’s Place to pick up some clothes for the kids (not mine) and then onward home I went. When I arrived home I unpacked, folded some laundry I had left unattended, and then relaxed before going to sleep to face the new week at work. The joys of life!

It was an awesome weekend away. I was glad that I got to spend some time with my Aunt and just kick back for awhile.

Until later…

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