Call Me Beyonce

The other day we were eating at a local restaurant and on my way out to pay Riley and I stopped at a table of some people we know from church. We were catching up on what’s been happening, and then the lady goes ‘My son has a studio, you need to come out and do a cd for me…I really like to hear you sing’. I was taken aback by the request, since I’m so melodious, I kinda laughed and asked if she was sure that she was talking about me. I then passed it off that she probably meant my cousin, Lynette – who does sing, and told her so. She goes, ‘no, I know Lynette, I’m sure that it’s you that I’ve heard’. I’m getting nervous, because I KNOW that she does not want ME to make a cd (unless she wants to keep the dogs howling all night to help keep bad things away). So, I go to my brother (who was standing next to me) with a look that pleads for help…he being the loving brother that he is tells her straight out that it’s not me. He goes, ‘no offense, and I love her and all (puts arm around my shoulders) but she can’t sing. She can blend, but she doesn’t sing alone’. Whew, thanks bro. The lady was adamant though, so I then had to assure her that it was DEFINITELY not me that she wanted to make a cd for her. One one level it was flattery…she thought I could sing…on a another level kinda scary, I mean where’s this girl that looks like me that can sing well enough that someone wants a cd of her.

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