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Who you know…

I’ve always heard, and even used, the old adage ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Coming from a small town that comes into play a lot because the ‘Good ol’ Boys’ like to take care of their own (sometimes that’s a bad thing when the law enforcement is involved); but for the most part it can be a very good thing. For instance…yesterday.

I have now lived in my house for about three years (I moved in August 04). The yard has been in different stages of landscaping, and I’ve had to weed eat the entire yard due to all the rocks (I lived in Fred Flintstones rock quarry). We were trying to get a group from PB to come level off the yard and place topsoil down (which we had)…and it was a never ending – ‘yeah I’ll be there’. Well they never came. Yesterday, my dad finally had some free time and a guy that I grew up with (who does cement work) was free and my dad asked to if he could help him do my yard. He said yes and went to work. They were there for about two hours, cleaning up some brush, and rocks, and leveling off the yard. When my dad tried to pay him, he wouldn’t take any money. If the original people would have done it I was looking at around $1000, with Sanders Concrete doing it it cost me nothing. I was very blessed!! God worked it out for me and now my yard is so very close to being done. WOOT!!!

I was oh so very excited!!

The past two weeks

My brother has been gone for the past two weeks on a missions trip to Argentina with the MO Youth Department (check out their blog). If you get really bored you can read about last years trip to Honduras (which I blogged). It’s been weird having to drive back/forth to work without my driving partner…the thirty minute ride is getting a little boring and the stuff on the radio isn’t near as funny if you don’t have someone to laugh with.

But we’ve stayed occupied. I’ve spent a lot of time with his kids. From going to the ballgames in town, to riding bikes at the church, to taking a day off work and going to Jonesboro (where we ate at ucky-Cheese, per Simeon), and watching them for a few hours while Tara had to help entertain the visiting minister that was here for Father’s Day (everyone else was gone, she had to help cook for them). It’s been a crazy two weeks…but good.

Things are going pretty good right now. I’ve been exercising and trying to monitor what I eat. I’m very close to a weight that I think I’ll cry if I reach…so it’s back to walking 2-4 miles a night and doing morning exercises. I rode a bike last night (first time since I was a kid I think)…it’s amazing that muscles get used that you would think would be used anyway (while walking) but not so much. I made myself walk two miles after the thirty minute bike ride…to make sure my legs didn’t cramp up. The joys of having genes that tend toward plumpness…instead of skin/bones. I would be happy with a good middle ground.

Well, that about wraps it up for me for now. I’m at work and it’s Friday (TGIF), and there’s some things I need to get done before leaving for the day. WOOT!


Call Me Beyonce

The other day we were eating at a local restaurant and on my way out to pay Riley and I stopped at a table of some people we know from church. We were catching up on what’s been happening, and then the lady goes ‘My son has a studio, you need to come out and do a cd for me…I really like to hear you sing’. I was taken aback by the request, since I’m so melodious, I kinda laughed and asked if she was sure that she was talking about me. I then passed it off that she probably meant my cousin, Lynette – who does sing, and told her so. She goes, ‘no, I know Lynette, I’m sure that it’s you that I’ve heard’. I’m getting nervous, because I KNOW that she does not want ME to make a cd (unless she wants to keep the dogs howling all night to help keep bad things away). So, I go to my brother (who was standing next to me) with a look that pleads for help…he being the loving brother that he is tells her straight out that it’s not me. He goes, ‘no offense, and I love her and all (puts arm around my shoulders) but she can’t sing. She can blend, but she doesn’t sing alone’. Whew, thanks bro. The lady was adamant though, so I then had to assure her that it was DEFINITELY not me that she wanted to make a cd for her. One one level it was flattery…she thought I could sing…on a another level kinda scary, I mean where’s this girl that looks like me that can sing well enough that someone wants a cd of her.


I think I’m in the process of having a mental breakdown, my job is about to get the better of me and I’m about to be a candle that is snuffed out. Hopefully at some point it will burn again and be a happy candle…instead of the stub of one that is here now. This also comes at ‘that time of month’, so the whole emotion swing had a play in it…but I’m also ready for some changes. My supervisor tells me things are looking up and will be changing soon…I’m really starting to hate coming to work. He said everyone has those days at any job…but is it every day? I’m currently working as three people at my place of business…one of the positons as ‘accountant’ I really shouldn’t be messing with because I’ve only had a few accounting classes and did not major in it. We could be in for some surprises come tax time. :) I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s hard. Not to mention that I’m working as three people at the same pay rate that I worked as two people, and I lost my benefit package in Feburary and am having to pay for my health insurance out of my own pocket now.

I’m batteling a headach today…took pills…getting ready to take more. I was doing some back reading in my Bible today (I’m doing a read through in a year thing, and I missed a couple of days so I’m going back now and picking them up). Anyway, I came across Proverbs 15:3, it reads; ‘The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good’. He sees what’s going on, the good and the bad of it all. Sometimes I live like I don’t think He knows or cares, which is untrue and He does see the good and evil (and everyone can be/do both). I think it’s time to take some serious stock of my life and figure out where I’m going. I’m thirty, I should have a good life plane going on…but not so much. Maybe I’m just having ‘one of those days’ and tomorrow will look better. This is basically some ramblings of a PMS crazed person that has had one heck of a year so far.

Until later…

Weekend Away — WOOT!!

This past weekend I went to STL to get away for awhile…it was awesome. I had reasons of going, a friend of mine had a motorcycle wreck Memorial Day weekend and I had the purpose of going to see him in the hospital. Not to mention getting to see my Aunt and just relaxing away from everyone and everything. It was a great weekend, I had a good time. I went to church Saturday night with my aunt and Sam. Their church is doing a contemporary service on Saturday’s…it was a cool set up. Then we hit California Pizza Kitchen for dinner before I headed back to the the hospital and they headed off to see a movie. Saturday day, I drove over to Columbia to see Hilary Scott in concert at Art In the Park. It was great getting to see her again, and the whole art thing was interesting (there were some really good items there). One thing that scared me though was ‘plus size’ tie-died jumper dresses made out of t-shirt material. Some things are just not made to be!

Brian…my friend I went to see. This is him looking ‘good’. The picture that was sitting on his hospital table looked worse than this. I’m not good at hospitals, I could only stay for a few hours each visit…the smell and the fact that it’s a hospital got to me quick.

Sunday I slept in (till 9:00) and then relaxed around the house. Ended up heading home around twelve, but then I shopped my way home. I went to two, count that TWO, Old Navy stores looking for white flip flops…they didn’t have my size. Then I went to South County Mall…Penny’s had a HUGE sale going on. Then I stopped by one of my new favorite stores and bought some stuff, then it was next door to the Children’s Place to pick up some clothes for the kids (not mine) and then onward home I went. When I arrived home I unpacked, folded some laundry I had left unattended, and then relaxed before going to sleep to face the new week at work. The joys of life!

It was an awesome weekend away. I was glad that I got to spend some time with my Aunt and just kick back for awhile.

Until later…