Wednesday…middle of the week

This weekend went pretty smooth, except for one small mishap when a friend of mine tried to exchange his motorcycle for a deer in mid-ride. Actually I guess you could say the deer thought it would check out the motorcycle up close and personal in the middle of the road…needless to say my friend and his passenger disembarked from the motorcycle, received a new look on their bodies (road rash), and he will end up with a couple of surgeries under his belt. But, they are still alive and everyone is doing well.

It was a long weekend…WOOT…and I enjoyed my day off work. It was also Pentecost Sunday weekend; we had 453 people in church Sunday morning to celebrate the birthday of the church. It rocked!!! We spent Saturday in town at different locations handing out free bottled water and inviting people to come out and visit us. It made for a long day in the sun, but it was fun. Then I kicked back with some family at Float Camp for awhile, until the mini-helicopters (mosquitoes) came out. The rest of the night consisted of relaxing and enjoying some quiet time.

Monday I slept in, watched movies, and then went to mom/dad’s to eat and ride four wheelers. We had fun goofing around with the kids. Then it was back to work on Tuesday.

We live in a very small town that is a pretty close-knit community. Saturday out at the camp site area where my family was staying a couple of guys showed up and they were trying to get the children to ‘go swim’ with them. They brought puppies with them so the kids could play with them. When the cops were called, and after the guys left, the tags that was on the vehicle came back as ‘invalid’. It’s so scary to think that you cannot let kids be kids and play and spend time in a family area…without having to worry if they’re going to be picked up by a bunch of freaks.

That about sums up my life for the past couple of days. I’m feeling very apathetic right now, and cannot seem to get motivated at work to get in the groove of things.

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