Rainy Wednesday

We’re getting another spring shower today, Cire is happy because he seeding some of his yard last night and this is the ‘perfect’ rain to make it grow. I on the other hand, who currently has a yard that is about shin high, am not very happy. Because, just as the other years before, I have to weedeat the whole yard and it’s not fun. So therefore I have not been motivated enough to get out and do it…so the grass/weeds continue to grow. Quite well I might add. If I could just get a life plan figured out I may not have to worry about the yard much longer. I need to marry a millionair…or find a very generous benefactor who will let me travel on their dime.

Life is so funny sometimes. Things happen and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry or do both. Today my car wouldn’t start. I’m hoping that it’s just the battery. But there was no indication of problems, it just decided this morning that it didn’t want to leave the garage (or car hold as some people call it). So I had to get my brother to pick me up (which was difficult since I’ve gained some weight); and then beg my dad to go by and look at it so that I can get it fixed. My dad did bring me breakfast though…McD’s. YUM!

I started a myspace page. I opted out of one thus far due to the nastyness that can be found on there with just a small click of the mouse. But, some friends that I reconnected with and the new ones I met while in WA have myspace pages. I figured out how to set my account to private, and then I connected to a few people…so I can make sure that I keep myself protected (to the best of my ability) from the more questionable material out there.

Oh welll…that’s about it for the musing on this rainy Wednesday.


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