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Wednesday…middle of the week

This weekend went pretty smooth, except for one small mishap when a friend of mine tried to exchange his motorcycle for a deer in mid-ride. Actually I guess you could say the deer thought it would check out the motorcycle up close and personal in the middle of the road…needless to say my friend and his passenger disembarked from the motorcycle, received a new look on their bodies (road rash), and he will end up with a couple of surgeries under his belt. But, they are still alive and everyone is doing well.

It was a long weekend…WOOT…and I enjoyed my day off work. It was also Pentecost Sunday weekend; we had 453 people in church Sunday morning to celebrate the birthday of the church. It rocked!!! We spent Saturday in town at different locations handing out free bottled water and inviting people to come out and visit us. It made for a long day in the sun, but it was fun. Then I kicked back with some family at Float Camp for awhile, until the mini-helicopters (mosquitoes) came out. The rest of the night consisted of relaxing and enjoying some quiet time.

Monday I slept in, watched movies, and then went to mom/dad’s to eat and ride four wheelers. We had fun goofing around with the kids. Then it was back to work on Tuesday.

We live in a very small town that is a pretty close-knit community. Saturday out at the camp site area where my family was staying a couple of guys showed up and they were trying to get the children to ‘go swim’ with them. They brought puppies with them so the kids could play with them. When the cops were called, and after the guys left, the tags that was on the vehicle came back as ‘invalid’. It’s so scary to think that you cannot let kids be kids and play and spend time in a family area…without having to worry if they’re going to be picked up by a bunch of freaks.

That about sums up my life for the past couple of days. I’m feeling very apathetic right now, and cannot seem to get motivated at work to get in the groove of things.

Weekend Get-a-way

Well, I had big plans for this past weekend. I had a friend coming in from the city, we were going to go to Van Buren and stay at a cabin that some friends of my family own, and we were just going to relax for the weekend…doing NOTHING. It’s amazing how quickly things change.

To start off, she ended up getting caught in traffic and didn’t make it to Doniphan until around 7:30-ish or so, therefore we didn’t head out until around 8:00 for a forty-five minute drive to Van Buren. Which put us arriving and unloading the car in the dark. We did have some nice gentlement stop to help open the gate. It has a sag going on and I couldn’t lift it and pull the lever back by myself. They smelled a little of alcohol…but who can turn away help.

Then we arrive at the cabin. In the past I’ve always went up after my mom and dad had been there, or our friends, and they give the cabin the first official ‘spring cleaning’. Being a cabin in the woods, there’s varmits around not to mention the rodents. So after getting in and putting the parishables in the fridge, we cleaned up as much as we could (note to self, need to donate a vacum cleaner to the cabin); my friend cleaned the bathroom and I started sweeping the mouse poo up out of the floor. My friend is not an outdoors person, her idea of camping is renting a room at a hotel. Though she says she enjoys the outdoors, it’s just not a past time that she partakes in…so this experience was a little beyond her. But we finally setteled down to watch some movies.

It was all going well, I was tired and ready to hit the hay, so I went back to my room for the night to crawl into what I thought was going to be a nice comfortable bed and kick back and sleep until morning…what a surprise I got. Luckily I went ahead and pulled the blankets further back than normal on the bed…because….there was…a…dead mouse…in the…bed. AHHH!! I kinda screamed and ran from the room heaving (it was in the theroes of decay). I went back into the room to get my bag and pillows off the dresser, and I ended up in the kitchen over the trashcan, because my disturbance of the blankets caused the smell to permeate the room. I felt TERRIBLE that I could not be woman enough to buck up and go in the room and clean up the mess (but then memories of me having to use bounce dryer sheets to change my nieces diaper came floating through my head)…I have a very weak gag reflex. So needless to say, I ended up on the love seat that night and my friend slept in the bedroom with the lights on.

The next morning I was up at 5:30. It was a nice crisp morning (40 degrees); so I built a fire. At first I thought the whole thing was going to burn the house down, there was no back damper on the stove, and I forgot about the front damper, and I had a ROARING fire going on. But once I got everything ‘set’ and turned the damper down, it was a nice cozy fire and warmed the house up. The river was BEAUTIFUL. The morning fog was rolling up off of it. I also got to see a turkey, he flew into the front yard and walked around for a bit. It was a very peaful time…what time I got to spend there.

We packed up around 1:00, and went to Big Springs then headed into Doniphan. With all the excitment, we didn’t stay another night. So we relaxed at my place the rest of the evening, not doing much of anything. Not really what I had planned, and the weekend turned out a lot different than I anticipated…but it was good. I loved the time on the river (minus the mouse). I did call our friends and tell them about the little surprise…hopefully they have a stronger gag reflex than I.

Spring Time…Cleaning and Such

So, it’s spring time and the whole ‘spring cleaning’ that is supposed to happen around the house is becoming a little more than I anticipated. I have a rather large house, and am the lone occupant for the most part…so I rarely clean/clean, I do a lot of surface cleaning. Yes there is a difference. It’s been awhile since I have actually cleaned my house, so this past weekend I took some time off work (I cannot make myself clean on a Saturday, because that’s my day off) and I started cleaning. I was going to do the basic clean, but then I decided to ‘clean/clean’ my house. That involves the windows, base boards, fans, moving stuff to vacum under and behind, whiping down the cabinets and washing all appliances. So needless to say, I have spent about 7 1/2 hours on my house so far and I have just now finished the first floor. I now have the upstairs to attack. I have a plan that if I take a room a nite and do all the work it should be good to go…until I get to my office. Then I’ll probably be in there for a month. I haven’t thrown any paperwork away in AWHILE, and I’ve gotten into the bad habit of it being a ‘catch all’ for anything that I don’t really have a place for (not to mention my gazillion pictures). I need a shredder, a mass amount of photo albums, and a file cabinet. And then I should be good to go. But right now I’m loving my house, as I walk in it has the ‘clean smell’ and everything is in it’s place and looks sparkely.

I went canoeing on Saturday. WOOT!! The river was up a little, and when people found out that I went, they kinda freaked. But it’s all good. The river apparently was rolling a little faster than what we thought, a three hour canoe trip took us only two hours. We went through some rapid waters, and some of the water splashed up over the side of the canoe…it was COLD. The Current River is cold anyway, I make it a habit to not really swim in it until July, and we’ve had rain the past couple of weeks. But we stayed dry, I kept Coppertone in business and Leah fried herself by trying to ‘get some sun’. She’s enjoying it tremendously! But it was great! The river ‘opens’ on Memorial Day and closes on Labor Day weekends around here, so the traffic on the river wasn’t bad (that and given the fact that it was up a little). But we had fun and I got to stay at the new cabin.

Until later…

Road Home

If you spend any time around my family you will quickly find out that we have a fascination with the sky. When my brother and his wife first started dating, she found it a bit odd. Whether it be the moon at nite (I cannot count the number of times that I’ve called my dad or brother, or my dad has called to say; ‘Hey, have you seen the moon’), sunrises, sunsets, sky dogs, the sun through the clouds, everything. I love the sky. There’s just times when you have to stop and enjoy what God has given us to look at. This picture I took on the way home from work one day, yes I know probably not the safest thing to do while driving but it turned out good. :) It kinda gives one a sense of ‘hope’ or knowledge that just over the hill everything will be alright. The sun was filtering through the clouds as I was driving down Old 142, and this was the result:


Until later…

Thundering Thursday

Yesterday it was a nice calm rain that was beneficial…today I got to meet Noah. He was out calmly herding the animals down the highway. It’s been raining torrents this morning, and apparently all night. When I drove through town our cool little creek that winds it’s way through the neighborhood was about to overflow it’s banks. I’m glad I built my house on a hill. We have the fireworks display with today’s show too…the sonic booms and intermediate flashes. Cool! Though the last thunder clap made me jump a little.

My dad fixed my car yesterday. Though when he got there he said it started right up for him, five or six times. But he went ahead and took it out to our friends shop (McCollumn’s) and they tested everything (battery, alternator, starter) and then replaced the battery because it was showing ‘weak’. Now I have a car that does what it’s supposed to when you crank the key.

I’m getting the privacy window for my bathroom today. WOOT!!! We put a cute little window in thinking that it was high enough off the ground that no one could see in…and it is, if you’re on the ground. We did not take into account the fact that my neighbors house sits on a the higher part of the hill than my house and they can see directly into my bathroom. The only problem I have with getting the window today, is that it’s pouring rain. Dad just said ‘we’ll see’…I could have a new fishbowl. :)

Rainy Wednesday

We’re getting another spring shower today, Cire is happy because he seeding some of his yard last night and this is the ‘perfect’ rain to make it grow. I on the other hand, who currently has a yard that is about shin high, am not very happy. Because, just as the other years before, I have to weedeat the whole yard and it’s not fun. So therefore I have not been motivated enough to get out and do it…so the grass/weeds continue to grow. Quite well I might add. If I could just get a life plan figured out I may not have to worry about the yard much longer. I need to marry a millionair…or find a very generous benefactor who will let me travel on their dime.

Life is so funny sometimes. Things happen and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry or do both. Today my car wouldn’t start. I’m hoping that it’s just the battery. But there was no indication of problems, it just decided this morning that it didn’t want to leave the garage (or car hold as some people call it). So I had to get my brother to pick me up (which was difficult since I’ve gained some weight); and then beg my dad to go by and look at it so that I can get it fixed. My dad did bring me breakfast though…McD’s. YUM!

I started a myspace page. I opted out of one thus far due to the nastyness that can be found on there with just a small click of the mouse. But, some friends that I reconnected with and the new ones I met while in WA have myspace pages. I figured out how to set my account to private, and then I connected to a few people…so I can make sure that I keep myself protected (to the best of my ability) from the more questionable material out there.

Oh welll…that’s about it for the musing on this rainy Wednesday.