Where’s the Plug?

K, those of you that read this (God help us), know that I had a tonsillectomy in March. Life without tonsils is something new for me, and the fact that everything I gurgle (be it the peroxide water, the salt water, or my Listerine) has a really bad tendency to come out my nose. Even when I burp, it now has more of a tendency to come through my nose — that great burning sensation of coke through the nose. The other day when I ate sushi, the heat from the wasabi went right into my nasal passage…where’s the plug? Up until March 12, I did not have this irregularity. I would gurgle and it would stay in my throat, and ‘all’ of it would come out my mouth…now I have this great ability for it to come out my nose when I bend over to spit the water out. How do I stop this? It’s very annoying to a point, what happend to the plug that would stop the water from going into my nose? I think the surgeon got happy when removing all the ‘stuff’ back there and he took a peice that was supposed to stay put, so that everything would ‘stay put’ in my throat when gurgling. Oh well, the trials of a non-tonsil throat. Just thought I would share. :)

Until later,

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