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Washington Get-a-way (Part Two)


Woke up Saturday morning, somewhat refreshed, and starting getting ready. I had iron about five different things because I could not for the life of me figure out what I wanted to wear. Should I match the colors of the wedding, since I was the guest book attendant, or should I wear what my friends thought was the cutest? I finally opted for ‘matching’…then had to take a shower and get ready. Using our newly purchased items from Wal-Mart since the airport security guy threw a lot of my stuff away. :-(

Jen called, she needed help finishing the steaming of her dress. So Kim and I drug Nick out of bed so he could take us to the church. First we had to stop by Target and purchase our gifts and a money holder card. Nick got lost in the Target parking lot, we had to go out and come back in in order to actually get to Target. We started out being on-time, but somehow ended up being almost late.

Finally arrived at the church. I had to throw my hair up (it was streaming down everywhere…but luckily the shampoo did a good job at controlling the frizzies, and it had ‘good’ curl). Then I helped with the dress. So they could take the pictures prior to the wedding to cut down on waite time afterwards:

The Bride and Groom:

We eventually got the pictures taken and then around 12:30-ish guests started arriving for the 2:00 wedding. My duties as the guest book attendant were to help Nick D. out; and we were to take a picture of each guest/family, give them name tags, and have them write down a ‘memory’ that will be placed in a photo ablum next to their pic. Talk about mass confusion!! It wasn’t bad until we had about fifty people arrive at once. I was trying to get them to understand that it was at the request of the Bride and Groom that their picture was taken and that the name tags were just because. Nick did all the pictures. Me and Dawn tried to handle the name tags and memory papers. It was CRAZY! Nice idea but crazy none the less.

The ceremony started a few minutes late. But went off without a hitch. Then we had the reception. Here’s me and the bride:

At the end of the wedding instead of throwing rice, bubbles, or bird seed we threw paper airplanes, because Reed is a pilot. This is a mini-movie of them leaving the church.

After all this was done and the happy couple drove off into the sunset, we stuck around for clean-up duty. Then we went with a group of the old/new friends to McGill’s for a bite to eat before heading back to Seattle.

We had an awesome time. The wedding was great. And I drove until about 12:00 midnight to a motel just outside of Seattle. Another long day, but a good one.

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