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Washington Get-a-way (Part Three)

Trip Home

We woke up and all got our showers and packed up. Checked out of the motel and headed to the airport. We were going to try and do something else in Seattle, but we finally made it to the airport and decided to stay. We were there about two hours early, but the lines for security were a little crazy (I got to keep everything this time, but I checked one of my bags), but we made it through with about an hour to spare. We hit the gift shop, then grabbed a bite to eat before catching our plane. We saw Jen and Reed at the airport, they were catching their flight to Hawaii. They were heading for sunny beaches…here are some views of what I saw from the airplane on our way out of WA:

A lay over in Denver, then a three hour trip from the St. Louis airport. But we finally arrived in our sleeping little town around 2:00 am Monday morning. I did have the forsight to call my boss when I landed in STL and tell him I was going to sleep in and come in 1/2 day.

This was an AWESOME weekend. Though I was very tired, I survived and it was great getting to see my friends and to be there for Jen’s ‘Big Day’.

A place that I will want to visit sometime is a little villiage in WA state, Stehekin. Looks like a cool place, though I would have to go in the summer…they get to much snow for me. :)

That about sums up my journey, hopefully you went down and read part one and two first.

Until Later,

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