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Washington Get-a-way (Part One)

The Trip Out

I went away the weekend of my birthday (April 19-22) to Washington state for the wedding of a good friend of mine from college. We had a blast…though I am still recouping somewhat.

It all started on my birthday, I didn’t get to celebrate because I worked all day and then came home to pack for the weekend and try to get some sleep. I slept from about 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, then it was up and at them to make sure I had everything because we were leaving my house around 12:00 midnight. Our flight was at 6:00 am out of STL (a three hour ride). We had some people to pick up, and then we had to be there a little early because of customs…I mean security. (Note to anyone that travels…THEY ARE VERY STRICT…do not take anything that you are attached to or don’t want thrown away. If you cary it onto the plane it has to be in a 3 oz. container. If not then they throw it away, or make you go back out and check your bag). But once we got past all that, we had a delay because the fire extinguisher holder was bent. They had to replace it, therefore they had to wake Joe up in the ‘tool shed’ so he could come take it off and go fix it…as commentated as follows:

‘Break for Joe’
‘Um, yeah, I’m here…ah man, I just sloshed my coffee’
‘Hey, can you come get this thingy that holds the red thing, it’s bent’
‘Oh, don’t worry about bringing a new one…these people can wait for you to unbend this one’
‘K, see you in 20′

Luckily for us, we had a 45 minute lay-over in Denver so we did not miss our connecting flight. We did however walk off one plane, stop in the restroom, and then walk right back onto the next plane. (Note to people that are trying to get into shape: DO NOT do new leg exercises the night before traveling. Being cramped in a plane does not do well with sore muscles.)

Our flight from Denver to Seattle, Kim and I shared our row of seats with Mr. Iowa. He was going home for his birthday. But we got a kick out of the napkins, because they were somewhat of an oxymoron…as seen in evidence with the follow picture:

We arrived in Seattle finally, rented our car (only $35/day). We got a little RAV4. It’s a sweet little SUV. We went down town to the Public Market, grabbed some lunch and strolled around a bit before heading out to Wenatchee. Following is the view we had from our table at the Sound View:

We hit the road and drove for three hours, through SNOW. I had a t-shirt and flip flops on…we went by a ski resort where there were people skiing. Once out of the ‘pass’ it warmed back up a little. We had awesome weather (mid-high 60’s). The scenery was very nice (here’s the snow we went through):

We arrived at the church, said our hellos, and then helped finish decorating and putting the food trays together. We then had rehersal and rehersal dinner. It made for a ‘very’ long day, but it was worth it.

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