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Today I had my first real experience with sushi. We went out on an impromptu business meal (me, Yelir, Cire), to a local restaurant where they have opened up a sushi bar. It’s the real deal…and it was good. We of course had all the ‘cooked’ dishes (California roll, shrimp truampe w/ curry, and some fried roll), they brought it out all in a decorative design with the wasabi sauce and soy sauce on the sides along with the fresh ginger. I ate seaweed!! I got some rather warm wasabi sauce that went directly into my nasal passage, so I ended up crying over how good the food tasted. Of course after they all had their laugh, the next bit that Cire took make him cough and grab for his tea. Teaches one never to make fun, when eating the same food items…because it can happen to you too. It was a good kick-back and relax lunch, yes we did cover items for the office so it can be labeled BUSINESS LUNCH.

Speaking of the office and stress…I got to leave at three on Thursday, I came home and ended up falling asleep. It was awesome, I felt better Friday morning than I have in awhile…my body is craving some rest. I got a lot of stuff done today, it was payroll so I had all of that to do this morning and then I just worked throughout the day diligently on what I could and got my piles a little smaller. I’m almost to the light of day. (grin)

Tonight dad took us all out for our monthly ‘family’ meal. We all get together about once a month and eat out with one another as a family. We went to the Mongolian Grill (again) in Poplar Bluff. We were going to do Pizza, but after convention we’re all about burned out on pizza so they went for something different. It was a lot of fun.

The week ended on a high note for me. Nothing that a little sleep won’t cure, and knowing that you can only take it one step at a time.

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