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O.k., those who know me know that I’m not an avid shopper…actually I am very ‘un-girly’ in the fact that it’s not one of my favorite past times. But, when it comes to cleaning house or going out for a day, give me the day out. Saturday Yllek and I went to Cape for the day/night. We had a blast!! It was a great time away for the day after having such a stressful week at work and trying to get things in order. Anyway, we started the day off with tanning, then we hit the Sikeston Wal-Mart, they just went through a remodel so they have all new things. I was looking at some shoes, and since I’m tall I normally disregard the signs that say to get help with items on the top shelf (I can reach it). Well I found my size and I pulled it down, it shifted all the other boxes on the top shelf and caused an avalanche on the other side of the shelf. Yllek and I quickly but sedately went to the ‘other’ end of the isle, hoping that people would not know that it was us. Then we were in the electronics and I saw this new cd that came out and I was going to see if the guy was any good or not, and Wal-Mart now has the ‘listen now’ options so you can check the music out before purchasing. They have TWO such stations, both of which were messed up. So we were being crazy and I kept pushing the buttons, knowing that it wasn’t going to work, and I kept trying to get it to scan the CD code so I could listen. Finally a nice gentleman walked by in his pretty blue smock and was like ‘It’s not going to work’. We got a good laugh out of that one too. We had a blast, we spent WAY to much money. I just kept telling myself ‘Happy Birthday’. We went to Buckner Brewery for supper and had their AWESOME fried pickles. We hit the mall and Target (said w/ French accent), then headed home. We laughed A LOT, goofed around…did you know that it is totally feasible to try clothing on while standing in the middle of the store, try it sometime. There was a moment of consternation, I was in a ladies department store trying on a piece of clothing that normally women do not take their husbands to help pick out…and I’m in the dressing room, and all of a sudden I hear a male voice telling the lady next door how well the items work for her and what he likes best, (hopefully it was husband/wife, they had rings on). Then to cap the night off we stopped in Starbucks before heading out…well out to Wal-Mart and Target then home.

We saved 17 cents a gallon by putting only $5 of gas in the car in Cape and then driving to Dexter to fill the car up. Cape – $2.79, Dexter – $2.62. Crazy gas prices!!

Now I still need to clean my house, but it was well worth putting it off.

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