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My Weekend…

I survived Youth Convention…it was a lot of fun and the services were AWESOME!! Tara and I were able to attend more of the services this year, having two eleven disc DVD burners helped out (it made things a lot faster). I figured out that I would not be a good assembly line person, Tara had two services done (putting the labels on the DVD’s and stuffing them into envelopes) before I had one done. I guess I could work on one, as long as I didn’t get paid by the piece. Thursday night we went to a place on the plaza in KC called reVerse. There was a group of us from the convention that went and did a mix/mingle thing. We had a lot of fun. Xample was there for the entertainment, they did a great job.

It was a good weekend. Riley and I had the opportunity to meet a Kansas City Chief’s Hall of Fame player, Bobby Bell. He attended some of the services with Rev. Wolfe.Bobby Bell
We came home on Saturday, it’s a long ride. Mom and I hit a goose on our way home. Hopefully it wasn’t a surprise for anyone on Easter. It was walking down the road, and there was a car coming the other direction…so we really had no choice.

Easter was great. Our services at church were power packed, we had three get baptized Sunday night and one received the Holy Ghost. Sunday morning Chuck preached on Prison Break. He stated that the first Prison Break occurred on Easter about 2007 years ago and each time someone receives the Holy Ghost or breaks free, there’s another Prison Break.

I got to return to work on Monday. My ‘in box’ looked scary. I did get some stuff done, I did a lot of bill outs and opened all our payables…tomorrow I get to tackle the task of entering all the bills that came in from last week. Hopefully next year Easter doesn’t hit at the first of the month (when all the bills arrive). My boss is coming home for a few weeks. There’s some Cardinal games he wants to attend, so they will be in Missouri for a few months. I think he’s supposed to be here in two weeks…or somewhere around there. He’s currently traveling the US in an RV.

Oh well…enough for now. I need to go make sure I have all my stuff in order and switch out the laundry. Must have clean clothes.

Until later…ERM

Vacation/Youth Convention

Ah…living it up in the Sheraton Hotel. Where they feed you breakfast and a light supper, you just walk in and eat…but only if you are on the ‘club’ level. We also have to have our keys in order to get to our floors…you enter the elevator and swipe your room key before you can push your floor number. I’m currently in Kansas City, MO, at our state Youth Convention (for the UPCI). I come because I get to see alot of friends from college and that I used to attend Youth Camp with (back in the day). Also our pastor is the state youth president, so we get to ‘help’ out at the convention. My brother does the audio/video stuff and my sister-in-law and myself handle the CD/DVD sales. It’s stressful (not sure how much of a vacation it is); but it’s fun and you get to see a lot of people.

I am currently working for my place of employment while on vacation too…I get to log in and do my daily chores. But oh well, at least I’m not in the office.

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe last night after we got into town. The animals and thunder/lightening show scared the younger kids a little bit, but the food was awesome and we were glad that we went. If you get to eat at a Rainforest Cafe, eat the nachos and the Tuscan chicken (YUM!!).

Last night (Tues) we only had. one room available for all of us to sleep in. We have also found out that my mom is not a night person and when she’s tired she snores. We were sitting there (she had already went to bed, and was fast asleep)…Simeon goes ‘What’s that sound’. Tara told him that it was Grandma…and he goes, ‘Like Elmo, (places hands on side of face and tilts head to side), zzzoooonnnn-choooo, zzzzoooonnn-chooo.’ Needless to say the rest of us in the room got a good laugh. :) We shared the story with Grandma the next morning.

I was the ‘map’ when we attempted to go eat last night. What should have taken us 20 minutes ended up taking us about 2 hours. We were well on our way to Winatchee. Needless to say Riley bought the map I requested…have map can travel. Not good with year old memories. But after our excursion today, I am more familiar with it all and it’s coming back to me. The only thing we could say was ‘Good times, Good times’.