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My House

Well, I had a realtor come look at my house Monday night. There are a few things that I have yet to get done (window shade hung, deep cleaning, touch up painting, dental molding hung, guttering, yard work…minor fixes. (grin) He liked the house, now just to make the decision to sell the house. On one level it’s what I want, but then it’s MY HOUSE. I built (or helped build) this thing from the ground up. From clearing the land and burning brush, to laying the sub floor and raising the walls. Not to mention I paid for it…and am still paying for it. It’s home, my first, and will be a sad day when it sells. But it will also free me up for other things in my life, whatever may come. There’s a lot of stuff going on right now, and the gypsy blood that hits certain members of my father’s family is stirring inside and I’m ready to go and do something different or there’s a change coming and I want to be ready. My grandfather moved his family all over the US (or at least three states), I had one Uncle that would move every three years, and another Uncle that’s a truck driver because they cannot stay in one spot. It’s in the blood.

The only problem is that if the change doesn’t happen or come, and I sell then I have nowhere to go. I could get an apartment, but then I would be wasting my money again. I really want to see Europe, I would be debt free, and I could be mobile. But then I would put friendships that I care a great deal about in quandries, or maybe perspective.

Oh well…these are my ramblings for tonight.

I got a lot of stuff done at work today. My pile is almost managable. I have a few more bills to enter and some more people to bill out and send them invoices…but it’s coming together. Not to mention my ‘first of the month’ duties that were put on hold since I was out the first week on vacation (that I ended up working about six hours through RDP, at least I wasn’t in the office and I got to see some friends)…unfortunatly I didn’t have someone that could enter the bills while I was out or do the inventory or special deposits. But hey, that’s why I have my job as the tech manager…and the office manager…and the billing manager…oh and don’t forget part time accountant learning how to do taxes. What a resume. WOOT!!!

Alright…I really need to sign off. I’m getting cynical. It’s been a little stressful this week coming back from vacation, not to mention things the great sister Eve brought into our lives…so I better sign off before I say something that I regret or that I mean but don’t want anyone to know…and would never say out loud.

Until later,

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