Tonsilectomy Take Two

K…something else I’ve found out, it’s hard to swallow your own spit if your tongue is very large and swollen and sometimes you just realize that it’s o.k. to let it just sit there until you take a drink of something. Why does your stomach need spit?

I went to work today. I went in late and ended up leaving early. But I got a lot accomplished. It was payroll day, so everyone else was happy that I showed up…since no one else in the company can do it now that our accountant left. I also got all the important taxes paid and posted marked so the feds won’t be after us. I then entered all the bills that have piled up throughout the week, and then paid bills. By the time 2:30 rolled around I could feel the difference of staying home and enjoying working at my own pace and actually sitting at a desk throughout the day working on what I knew needed to be done. Not to mentiona having to handle all the questions and problems of the tech/billing department.

Note to self: My crew have done wonderful this week without me. They kinda all fell apart when I walked in this morning and they were unable to get ahold of someone to come in, they told me everything they had tried and were like ‘What Now????’…I took care of it by giving them other options (that worked); but they have been troopers working without me there. Go Team!!

I’m ready to wake up and everything be back to normal. I want my throat to be pink and unswollen. I want to be able to swallow without consequences. Oh the joy of yester-year. But I keep telling myself that it will be worth it. I go back to the doctor tomorrow…hopefully he will be happy with the progress I’ve made so far.

Until later…back to eating a popsicle.

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