Screech, Crash, Crunch

Today I was in an automobile accident. Some guy pulled across two lanes of traffic trying to get into a parking lot, unfortunatly for me I was driving by the parking lot at that time.

Here’s how it went down:
My boss comes in and we were going over some paper work, and he tells me that we’re both going to leave at 4:30 (he and I). I was like ‘yes’! It was Wednesday and a church night, it makes it easier to have some extra time to eat and stuff before church.

So at 4:30 I head out the door, and since my brother and I work at different facilities, I had to head down town to pick him up before heading home. I pull out onto Westwood Blvd. and head south. When I pulled out I saw this black SUV sitting in the turning lane w/ it’s signal on trying to get into southbound traffic. I stayed in in first lane and headed south…then out of my pereifial vision I saw this black thing looming up on the left hand side of my car. It was the black SUV…trying to go from the turning lane, through two lanes of traffic (one of which housed my car) and into the parking lot of the J & H Pharmacy. I slammed on my brakes and cut the wheel into the parking lot trying to get out of his way…but he went ahead and clipped the frontend of my car (causing a nice dent between the headlight and the front tire). Now that I think about it, luckily noone was behind me or I would have really had a lot of problems.

Anyway, so I sit there for a minute (blocking traffic) and try to calm down…I was shaking a little bit. So he gets out of his nice little SUV and comes around to the passenger side (since he’s parked in the driver’s side), and says “So do you want to exchange insurance information”. I kindly replied, “Nah, that’s o.k. I really like dents…they add character”. NOT. I looked at him like he was a little crazy and said, “Um, I want to call the police”. He thought I was a little off about the situation by the look he gave and responded with an “Oh”. (Like, ‘why would you want to do that lady’).

I called 911 from my cell phone and the lady asked me where I was, I said the following: “I’m on Lindbergh, or 67, I mean Westwood by Payless”. I was a little rattled. The cops showed up, took my story and information looked at the vehicles and then had us move them out of the way. Come to find out the nice gentleman that added character to my car was a doctor, and his car was ‘new’ but his insurance card was old. And when he pulled around there was a dent in the driver side of the vehicle too…so for it being new it has a lot of problems with it already, because when he hit me the front bumper came unsnapped on the passenger side of his SUV.

But I’m alright. Thank the Lord he didn’t hit me very hard and any further back, it would have made the car undrivable and caused more damage to myself. My brother told me I should have said that he scared me so bad that I swallowed my tonsilles and I needed some medical assistance. But it’s all good. I have some vacation time coming up that I will be out of town, so hopefully I can get my car into a shop to be fixed while I’m away.

Until Later…ERM

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