Elephant Rock

I went to Elephant Rock this weekend. Me, Brian, and Kelly went. Kelly had never been before, she was raised in IL and apparently they do not hear about the wonders of the ‘Show-Me State’ over there. We had a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day for it too…the weather was great. They opened up a new Engine House, or I should say that they cleared the path to it and are now allowing people to go down and check it out (it has always been hiding out in the woods). They also built steps that go up to the rocks, it takes a little out of being able to ‘climb’ around, but it also makes it accessible to a lot of people and smaller children. The bathrooms that were currently open (the outhouse style ones) had a sign on them that they were only open from October 1-March 31. We found that humorous and was glad that we were there last weekend when the restrooms were still open. Come to find out they have flushable restrooms now too…but they only use them during the summer. It was a great get-a-way for the day. We stopped at a little gas station and got HUGE sandwiches (you could easily make two good size sandwiches out of one) for $1.80; about a pint of ice cream (they called it ‘one’ scoop) for $1.25. It was amazing…and good.


  1. Ahh, you stopped at Schearrers! I grew up about 8 miles from there, and we would go for ice cream a couple times a week.



    That would be the place. It was awesome…I couldn’t finish my sandwich (notice I did not say ice cream). – Leish

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