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Ah the Weekend!

It finally made it here, yes I know it comes around every five days…but this week those five days took a long time. I had guys out sick, some that took vacation, and others who just decided that they were ‘burned out’ and didn’t feel like coming in (which left one guy to pull an entire shift by himself; so therefore my night supervisor became a tech). GRRR!! My tech support department this week was running on two techs both shifts, sometimes just one. We had stuff that went down again (but Windstream got it all fixed and working again…those guys that cut wires for fun, they should really question what they are for first). But we made it through! Next week I will only be in the office on Monday, then it’s off to Youth Convention (granted I will still be working, I will be doing what I did while I was out with my tonsillectomy…working via RDP. Vacation? What’s vacation?).

There were some highlights to this week. Check out the other blog I keep updated for my brother, since he has problems letting people know that he has a family and that they are all still living…The March Gang. Peyton was in a Talent Show and we celebrated Simeon’s third birthday. Woot!!

Now before I totally waste a day, I have to go clean house and do some laundry. Then I get to start packing. My house has to be ‘clean, clean’, I have a realator coming to look at it, and I will begin the process of putting it on the market. Scary steps.

Elephant Rock

I went to Elephant Rock this weekend. Me, Brian, and Kelly went. Kelly had never been before, she was raised in IL and apparently they do not hear about the wonders of the ‘Show-Me State’ over there. We had a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day for it too…the weather was great. They opened up a new Engine House, or I should say that they cleared the path to it and are now allowing people to go down and check it out (it has always been hiding out in the woods). They also built steps that go up to the rocks, it takes a little out of being able to ‘climb’ around, but it also makes it accessible to a lot of people and smaller children. The bathrooms that were currently open (the outhouse style ones) had a sign on them that they were only open from October 1-March 31. We found that humorous and was glad that we were there last weekend when the restrooms were still open. Come to find out they have flushable restrooms now too…but they only use them during the summer. It was a great get-a-way for the day. We stopped at a little gas station and got HUGE sandwiches (you could easily make two good size sandwiches out of one) for $1.80; about a pint of ice cream (they called it ‘one’ scoop) for $1.25. It was amazing…and good.

Screech, Crash, Crunch

Today I was in an automobile accident. Some guy pulled across two lanes of traffic trying to get into a parking lot, unfortunatly for me I was driving by the parking lot at that time.

Here’s how it went down:
My boss comes in and we were going over some paper work, and he tells me that we’re both going to leave at 4:30 (he and I). I was like ‘yes’! It was Wednesday and a church night, it makes it easier to have some extra time to eat and stuff before church.

So at 4:30 I head out the door, and since my brother and I work at different facilities, I had to head down town to pick him up before heading home. I pull out onto Westwood Blvd. and head south. When I pulled out I saw this black SUV sitting in the turning lane w/ it’s signal on trying to get into southbound traffic. I stayed in in first lane and headed south…then out of my pereifial vision I saw this black thing looming up on the left hand side of my car. It was the black SUV…trying to go from the turning lane, through two lanes of traffic (one of which housed my car) and into the parking lot of the J & H Pharmacy. I slammed on my brakes and cut the wheel into the parking lot trying to get out of his way…but he went ahead and clipped the frontend of my car (causing a nice dent between the headlight and the front tire). Now that I think about it, luckily noone was behind me or I would have really had a lot of problems.

Anyway, so I sit there for a minute (blocking traffic) and try to calm down…I was shaking a little bit. So he gets out of his nice little SUV and comes around to the passenger side (since he’s parked in the driver’s side), and says “So do you want to exchange insurance information”. I kindly replied, “Nah, that’s o.k. I really like dents…they add character”. NOT. I looked at him like he was a little crazy and said, “Um, I want to call the police”. He thought I was a little off about the situation by the look he gave and responded with an “Oh”. (Like, ‘why would you want to do that lady’).

I called 911 from my cell phone and the lady asked me where I was, I said the following: “I’m on Lindbergh, or 67, I mean Westwood by Payless”. I was a little rattled. The cops showed up, took my story and information looked at the vehicles and then had us move them out of the way. Come to find out the nice gentleman that added character to my car was a doctor, and his car was ‘new’ but his insurance card was old. And when he pulled around there was a dent in the driver side of the vehicle too…so for it being new it has a lot of problems with it already, because when he hit me the front bumper came unsnapped on the passenger side of his SUV.

But I’m alright. Thank the Lord he didn’t hit me very hard and any further back, it would have made the car undrivable and caused more damage to myself. My brother told me I should have said that he scared me so bad that I swallowed my tonsilles and I needed some medical assistance. But it’s all good. I have some vacation time coming up that I will be out of town, so hopefully I can get my car into a shop to be fixed while I’m away.

Until Later…ERM

Ring, Ring, Ring…going crazy

The phones will ‘not’ stop ringing. I’m currently at work, and I usually have three techs here during the day. But today, things are different because we have one of our IT guys out on vacation and so one of my techs had to go out with the wireless guys in order to get an area back up and working (we had thunder storms here last night and it took some of our equipment out). So I’m working with two people, and it seems like EVERYONE is having problems this morning and the phones are ringing like crazy. Which means that I then get to check voice mails because two people cannot answer that many calls. (I’m so glad to be back at work!)

On the topic of being back at work…I so enjoyed working from home last week. I did end up coming in a couple of days last week, but it was nice to work shortened hours and then when working from home to be able to be in my PJ’s. Nothing like relaxing. I am doing better…I can actually swallow without feeling like razor blades are going down my throat. It was a lot different than what I expected…and needless to say I didn’t bounce back like a three year old would. I wanted to trip the little kid in the doctors office last Friday. He was all like ‘let’s go play’…I could barely speak. GRRR!!

I got to see some friends of mine from college this past weekend. Raposo and his wife…he’s awesome. They came to visit from AL. Though it was a little rough to ‘visit’ when I could barely speak, God did touch me in Sunday nights service and every day since then my throat has gotten better.


Tonsilectomy Take Two

K…something else I’ve found out, it’s hard to swallow your own spit if your tongue is very large and swollen and sometimes you just realize that it’s o.k. to let it just sit there until you take a drink of something. Why does your stomach need spit?

I went to work today. I went in late and ended up leaving early. But I got a lot accomplished. It was payroll day, so everyone else was happy that I showed up…since no one else in the company can do it now that our accountant left. I also got all the important taxes paid and posted marked so the feds won’t be after us. I then entered all the bills that have piled up throughout the week, and then paid bills. By the time 2:30 rolled around I could feel the difference of staying home and enjoying working at my own pace and actually sitting at a desk throughout the day working on what I knew needed to be done. Not to mentiona having to handle all the questions and problems of the tech/billing department.

Note to self: My crew have done wonderful this week without me. They kinda all fell apart when I walked in this morning and they were unable to get ahold of someone to come in, they told me everything they had tried and were like ‘What Now????’…I took care of it by giving them other options (that worked); but they have been troopers working without me there. Go Team!!

I’m ready to wake up and everything be back to normal. I want my throat to be pink and unswollen. I want to be able to swallow without consequences. Oh the joy of yester-year. But I keep telling myself that it will be worth it. I go back to the doctor tomorrow…hopefully he will be happy with the progress I’ve made so far.

Until later…back to eating a popsicle.

Tonsilectomy – YEAH!!

Well, I started an all liquid diet on Monday (March 12), or anything that can go down without chewing (soup, jello, pudding, Popsicle). I had my tonsils removed. A big step for someone at my age, they say the longer you wait the worse it is…it’s a bit rough. Nothing like not being able to swallow and the little thing that hangs down in the back of my throat is about the size of an apple instead of a pea; therefore when sleeping it’s like I’m suffocating myself with a piece of myself. I just have to lean to the side so it will fall over out of the air passage. It kinda freaked me out in the recovery room, I could get air in but nothing out.

I had them removed because the one on the right stayed inflamed (swollen) to a size 3 (the doctor was impressed upon seeing it the first time); it also had holes in it that would allow food particles and such to get in there…then it would cause bacteria and white stuff to create (kinda like a pearl forming in an oyster…though I wouldn’t get paid for what my tonsil made). I got tired of having to dig the stuff out of my throat, it caused a sore throat and bad breath. So I went to the doctor and he decided to take them.

Some things I found out.
I have rock & roll veins. They rock and roll back-and-forth to the point where the nurse could not get an IV started. But then a really nice guy came in and got one started in my hand; it caused some problems because it was on my right hand (which is the one I use all the time), but it worked.

My mom cannot handle it when I throw up and it comes out my nose. I got sick and threw up in the wash basin (luckily it wasn’t the little kidney shaped pan…I wouldn’t have been able to aim that well). Mom went running out the door heaving, trying to tell someone that I myself was throwing up. The kind CNA gentleman took one look at mom, laughed, and said ‘Oh, she’s throwing up’. Mom continued heaving, but was able to shake her head ‘yes’ so my nurse came in to take care of me.

It takes awhile to go to the restroom when they haven’t allowed you to have anything to eat since midnight the night before, and you’re unable to swallow enough to make yourself go pee. And then they even give you a little pan in the toilet so they can measure how much you ‘don’t have’ in you. I finally went, but then the nurses didn’t know who was doing what and kept asking if I had had a BM or urination since being out of surgery. I think she was upset that she wasn’t the one to get to dump the pan.

They strap you down to the operating table with very large seat belts. The guy that was putting me to sleep did not give me the knock-out meds until I went into the operating room. I got to see the whole room and they put me on the table, then strapped me down with my arms to the sides with my hands tucked under my legs. The heart monitor things were really cold too. The operating room had the three large lights with all the little lights (just like in the movies). About two seconds after he gave me the meds I was out…it’s amazing how fast that stuff works.

All in all, it’s been an interesting experience. My mom stayed with me at the hospital and I think she’ll be staying at the house for awhile. I’m enjoying some drug induced sleep (the best kind there is…you totally relax and rest). Now I’m just hoping for speedy recovery, though my fridge looks like I bought out the jello, pudding, and Popsicle isles at Wal-Mart.

Until later…ERM