Woo-Hoo!! We finally got snow. The weather people have been claiming for about three weeks that we would get snow, and nothing ever came. Well, starting yesterday afternoon it started in and we ended up with about an inch (maybe more in some other areas…the drifts). But everything was white and I got to sleep in before coming to the wonderful world of the dot net world.

My company purchased another company yesterday…we are currently around the 10,000 customer mark (give or take). So we are now dealing with the all their customers freaking out because they are afraid that everything thing is going to change…well it’s not going to, so we just have to make sure they understand that. Now I have to get the other company in sync with our billing processes.

Our in house accountant is leaving, which I think I mentioned in a past post. Her last day is tomorrow (Friday). I think it will work out alright, I definitly will not have ‘free’ time to get bored in…but it will be alright. I’m trying to get her to get all her duties put in a book with step-by-step directions on how to do them. Life should be fun for awhile.

Until later,

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