My left arm has been severed from my body…not litterally, but almost. When I moved hom in August 2001, I went to work for a local ISP in our area where my brother (Radar) also worked. Therefore for the past 5 1/2 years I have been working in the same company, building, location as my brother. If I had something to say or ask, I could easily go to his office. As of yesterday he is no longer housed in the same location as myself…AGH! The company I work for purchased another local (smaller) ISP the end of January, and we consolidated our work area at our current location to a smaller floor space and then moved our IT department to the new (older) building where the other ISP was located. Now I cannot share lunches, cups of coffee, or anything with Radar. We are still car pooling together, we’ll drop one another off at our perspective offices now. It’s a little weird not having him at the same place anymore…oh well, I’ll survive.

On to other things. I want to share the following comic strip with you. Not only did we purchase another ISP, but they did some creative changes with some of our benefits in Jan also. I personally lost my health benefits package with the company because I was going to have to 50% of the cost, and that was going to be around $250 a month. Anyway, the following comic strip was very fitting to me right now (though I did take coverage out on myself personally)…anyway, enjoy. Dilbert


  1. hey, are you still living? I heard there were bad tornadoes in Missouri.

    I know. it’s a big state. but I thought of you. :)

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