No broken bum & The end of an era

I went to the chiropractor yesterday, he put me back in alignement after my stair sledding adventure this weekend. He also made sure I hadn’t done unmerited damage to my tailbone. A very durable piece of bone, that tailbone. I have muscle damage and will be sore for awhile, but nothing broken. Woo-Hoo!!

I went to the grocery store after going to the chiropractor…they no longer have ‘bag boys’ at Country Mart. My whole life when you go grocery shopping, they call a ‘bag boy’ and he comes to the front, bags your groceries, and then takes them to the car for you and loads them into your vehicle and returnes the cart to the store. Well, when I arrived at the store I noticed there were an unusual amount of carts outside on the sidewalk. I grabbed one and went on in to shop. When I was checking out I wasn’t paying attention at first then I realized they have the turnstile bag holders (like at Wal-Mart)…and the cashier now bags your groceries, and you have to take them out yourslef. AHHHHHHHH!! J/K, I usually took mine out anyway, but the elderly people that are accustomed to this are going to have problems with it. I can see speak-out for the next month…BRING BACK THE BAG BOYS!! (our newspaper does a ‘speak out’ column where individuals can call and give their opinion and it’s put in the paper) I really cannot believe they did away with them. My only thought is that with the minimum wage going up to $6.50 in MO in January, they are cutting back on employees and this was a way to do that. Who knows…I only know that we no longer will have help with our groceries. Say good-bye to the “Era of the Bag Boys”…that’s how my dad made money in high school.

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