Hiding Out and Busting Butt

So, I went away this weekend. I spent the weekend in St. Louis at my Aunt’s house. They were out of town so me and Pinky (the cat) had some one-on-one time. I went up on the spur of the moment, Thursday I made plans to go on Saturday, and it was a nice get away. It snowed, and there was snow on the ground…something that we haven’t seen down south this year (except for one night). While I was staning outside in FREEZING weather sweeping the snow off my car I was trying to remind myself of the appeal of St. Louis. It was really cold!

I spent some time with my friend ‘M’. I met her through a guy I dated during college…our relationship didn’t last, but I got a very good friend out of the deal. We went out to Maccaroni Grill (YUM!!) and then went shopping. We grew philosophical over the idea of growing older. I came to realize part of my thing is that my family is all about ‘family’; and everyone has their family and I have none. When we all get together, everyone has their core family and then there’s Me. The one cousin that I had to balance out the difference went away to college this year. Oh well…life does go on. I’m going to start making a list of all that I have accomplished in life and what I want to accomplish and we’ll go from there.

Now to the busting butt part…I went down for the ten count on the stiarcase. I was doing my do diligence of washing my towels and sheets before leaving my Aunt’s, I went trucking down the hall and rounded the banister to start downstairs (while carring the linens), and down I went. I’m not sure how many stairs I bounced my tailbone on, but it was painful. I thought I was going to cry. Later, after my three hour drive that turned into about five due to frequent stops to stretch, I was able to make jokes. I was glad that nothing drastic happened because I don’t think Pinky has learned to dial 911 yet, and we were there alone for the time being. I would have been a great ‘welcome home’ gift, all wrapped up around myself. I’m still a little stiff, and look a bit odd when getting into/out of my car…but all is good.

That about covers what has been going on in my life lately…

Until later,
ERM w/ a sore bum

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