Invisible people in my house…

This past week I apparently have had little people visiting my house while I’m away at work. These are great ‘working’ fairies…every day when I return from putting my eight hours in more stuff has been done to my house. The story goes as follows:

I built a house in the fall/spring/summer of 2003-2004. I moved into my house August 2004, but it was not completly finished. My dad, who is a carpenter, was building it at a discounted price (to me) and for some reason they decided that he needed to actually start making some money so they could stay in their own house. Which was understandable. But, since August of 04 little things had been yet to be completed at my home. Pieces of trim were missing, doors were not swinging properly, spindals were missing, things were happening to the house because it was settleing. Some things were being taken care of along the way (trim hung, etc). Well this week the band of fairies arrived…the window in my bathroom has been cased/trimmed out, I have the molding up around my bathroom ceiling, the 1/2 wall in my bathroom now has trim/cover on it (no more 2/4 showing), outlets now have the plugs, spindles in the banister, and the crawl space in the attic has a door instead of a piece of plywood. It’s been AWESOME!!!

There are a few things yet to come, closet shelves/rod for the master bedroom for one…but from what I’m told it’s very close. No more trips upstairs to get dressed in the mornings. Woo-Hoo!! Then I’ll call the house selling people and put it on the market…

Until later,

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