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My left arm has been severed from my body…not litterally, but almost. When I moved hom in August 2001, I went to work for a local ISP in our area where my brother (Radar) also worked. Therefore for the past 5 1/2 years I have been working in the same company, building, location as my brother. If I had something to say or ask, I could easily go to his office. As of yesterday he is no longer housed in the same location as myself…AGH! The company I work for purchased another local (smaller) ISP the end of January, and we consolidated our work area at our current location to a smaller floor space and then moved our IT department to the new (older) building where the other ISP was located. Now I cannot share lunches, cups of coffee, or anything with Radar. We are still car pooling together, we’ll drop one another off at our perspective offices now. It’s a little weird not having him at the same place anymore…oh well, I’ll survive.

On to other things. I want to share the following comic strip with you. Not only did we purchase another ISP, but they did some creative changes with some of our benefits in Jan also. I personally lost my health benefits package with the company because I was going to have to 50% of the cost, and that was going to be around $250 a month. Anyway, the following comic strip was very fitting to me right now (though I did take coverage out on myself personally)…anyway, enjoy. Dilbert

No broken bum & The end of an era

I went to the chiropractor yesterday, he put me back in alignement after my stair sledding adventure this weekend. He also made sure I hadn’t done unmerited damage to my tailbone. A very durable piece of bone, that tailbone. I have muscle damage and will be sore for awhile, but nothing broken. Woo-Hoo!!

I went to the grocery store after going to the chiropractor…they no longer have ‘bag boys’ at Country Mart. My whole life when you go grocery shopping, they call a ‘bag boy’ and he comes to the front, bags your groceries, and then takes them to the car for you and loads them into your vehicle and returnes the cart to the store. Well, when I arrived at the store I noticed there were an unusual amount of carts outside on the sidewalk. I grabbed one and went on in to shop. When I was checking out I wasn’t paying attention at first then I realized they have the turnstile bag holders (like at Wal-Mart)…and the cashier now bags your groceries, and you have to take them out yourslef. AHHHHHHHH!! J/K, I usually took mine out anyway, but the elderly people that are accustomed to this are going to have problems with it. I can see speak-out for the next month…BRING BACK THE BAG BOYS!! (our newspaper does a ‘speak out’ column where individuals can call and give their opinion and it’s put in the paper) I really cannot believe they did away with them. My only thought is that with the minimum wage going up to $6.50 in MO in January, they are cutting back on employees and this was a way to do that. Who knows…I only know that we no longer will have help with our groceries. Say good-bye to the “Era of the Bag Boys”…that’s how my dad made money in high school.

Hiding Out and Busting Butt

So, I went away this weekend. I spent the weekend in St. Louis at my Aunt’s house. They were out of town so me and Pinky (the cat) had some one-on-one time. I went up on the spur of the moment, Thursday I made plans to go on Saturday, and it was a nice get away. It snowed, and there was snow on the ground…something that we haven’t seen down south this year (except for one night). While I was staning outside in FREEZING weather sweeping the snow off my car I was trying to remind myself of the appeal of St. Louis. It was really cold!

I spent some time with my friend ‘M’. I met her through a guy I dated during college…our relationship didn’t last, but I got a very good friend out of the deal. We went out to Maccaroni Grill (YUM!!) and then went shopping. We grew philosophical over the idea of growing older. I came to realize part of my thing is that my family is all about ‘family’; and everyone has their family and I have none. When we all get together, everyone has their core family and then there’s Me. The one cousin that I had to balance out the difference went away to college this year. Oh well…life does go on. I’m going to start making a list of all that I have accomplished in life and what I want to accomplish and we’ll go from there.

Now to the busting butt part…I went down for the ten count on the stiarcase. I was doing my do diligence of washing my towels and sheets before leaving my Aunt’s, I went trucking down the hall and rounded the banister to start downstairs (while carring the linens), and down I went. I’m not sure how many stairs I bounced my tailbone on, but it was painful. I thought I was going to cry. Later, after my three hour drive that turned into about five due to frequent stops to stretch, I was able to make jokes. I was glad that nothing drastic happened because I don’t think Pinky has learned to dial 911 yet, and we were there alone for the time being. I would have been a great ‘welcome home’ gift, all wrapped up around myself. I’m still a little stiff, and look a bit odd when getting into/out of my car…but all is good.

That about covers what has been going on in my life lately…

Until later,
ERM w/ a sore bum

Invisible people in my house…

This past week I apparently have had little people visiting my house while I’m away at work. These are great ‘working’ fairies…every day when I return from putting my eight hours in more stuff has been done to my house. The story goes as follows:

I built a house in the fall/spring/summer of 2003-2004. I moved into my house August 2004, but it was not completly finished. My dad, who is a carpenter, was building it at a discounted price (to me) and for some reason they decided that he needed to actually start making some money so they could stay in their own house. Which was understandable. But, since August of 04 little things had been yet to be completed at my home. Pieces of trim were missing, doors were not swinging properly, spindals were missing, things were happening to the house because it was settleing. Some things were being taken care of along the way (trim hung, etc). Well this week the band of fairies arrived…the window in my bathroom has been cased/trimmed out, I have the molding up around my bathroom ceiling, the 1/2 wall in my bathroom now has trim/cover on it (no more 2/4 showing), outlets now have the plugs, spindles in the banister, and the crawl space in the attic has a door instead of a piece of plywood. It’s been AWESOME!!!

There are a few things yet to come, closet shelves/rod for the master bedroom for one…but from what I’m told it’s very close. No more trips upstairs to get dressed in the mornings. Woo-Hoo!! Then I’ll call the house selling people and put it on the market…

Until later,

Life in the Fat Lane

As I near my thirtith birthday, I realize that it’s getting harder to get weight off…even than last summer where I dropped ten pounds (though I gained six back in October). I exercise and watch what I eat…but I still stay around the same weight. It’s very frustrating. I have this fear that once I pass April 19, my whole metabloism system will stop and I will forever be what I am…if not get bigger. I’m sure that if I got that mentallity out of my head then I would definitly probably lose weight faster (it’s the whole positive thought process). So I’m trying my hardest to lose fifteen pounds by my birthday (April 19), that way I’ll have five pounds leway…it’s hard.

Enough about depressing matters…I took the billing department on a ‘field trip’ this morning to the offices of the new company we purchased. They wanted to meet the new employees and see where the IT Department would be housed as of Feb. 28. Plus it was a good excuse to get out of the office for a little while. It’s going to be weird not being able to go downstairs and see my brother anymore…I’ll have to actually call him or email him. At least we get to keep the kitchen.

Well, I think that about covers it for now. I’m going to WA state in April for a friends wedding. I’m really excited. It’s two days after my birthday…so I can act like I’m going on a birthday trip. Woo-hoo!! I’m looking forward to seeing my friend and getting out of MO for awhile.

Until later,


Woo-Hoo!! We finally got snow. The weather people have been claiming for about three weeks that we would get snow, and nothing ever came. Well, starting yesterday afternoon it started in and we ended up with about an inch (maybe more in some other areas…the drifts). But everything was white and I got to sleep in before coming to the wonderful world of the dot net world.

My company purchased another company yesterday…we are currently around the 10,000 customer mark (give or take). So we are now dealing with the all their customers freaking out because they are afraid that everything thing is going to change…well it’s not going to, so we just have to make sure they understand that. Now I have to get the other company in sync with our billing processes.

Our in house accountant is leaving, which I think I mentioned in a past post. Her last day is tomorrow (Friday). I think it will work out alright, I definitly will not have ‘free’ time to get bored in…but it will be alright. I’m trying to get her to get all her duties put in a book with step-by-step directions on how to do them. Life should be fun for awhile.

Until later,