Who am I?

Hello!  I’m starting a new blog here at WordPress.com, my old blog was located at a different  blogger site…but we’re trying something different.

Now to my post for today….’Who am I’…I’m really starting to get confused at work as to who I am and what I’m supposed to be doing.  Back in June 2005 I became the ‘Customer Support Manager’ along with the Office Manager and Assistant to the CEO/COO.  Now, our inhouse accountant is leaving (as of Feb 2) and I will be taking her role as well…though not ‘all’ the accounting stuff, just a lot of it.  I’m going to be wearing so many hats here pretty soon that I won’t be able to see where I’m going, then I’ll probably just go crazy and get a cute little jacket (white with strings) to go along with my hats.  Woo-hoo!!  Good times, good times!


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